Why Go Modular?

‘Going modular’ is breaking your training up into managable chunks at a time and pace that suits your budget and timeline’ 


The fact is, no one knows when air travel and demand for airline pilots will return to the giddy heights of 2019 – but one thing we do know for certain, the desire to travel the world is here to stay and for many, the dream of becoming a pilot is in their DNA!


If you know this career is for you and are ready to commit full time to becoming a professional pilot and have the funds ready then click on our FAA or EASA tabs to find out how we can save you a fortune on our high quality training packages. However, if you want to take a more cautious approach and maybe fit your training in around your job or you simply want to try before you fully commit, read on below….

So start the journey…

At the moment, it makes complete sense to embark on the journey of becoming a pilot in a conservative and well thought out way. Come and get your (PPL) Private Pilot’s License first. Find out just how much you really love flying and just as importantly, how easy you find it? Some people find it easier and more rewarding than others. Once completed, you will know what it will take to go all the way and how much it is likely to cost you.

Obtaining your PPL will answer all your questions clearly and give you the peace of mind you are looking for, and if the flying bug really bites, it will be one of the greatest experiences of your life!

Even in the best of times, it really is not a sensible idea to commit to a full ab-initio training course (zero to commercial) at the start. It’s so much better to go Modular and just commit to your PPL at first. If you have made up your mind already to go commercial, we don’t want to deter you, we can take you all the way, so you’re in good hands. One critical thing, please put this at the top of your list…..if you are considering any schools that want you to pay for all or most of the course cost up front – run a mile, don’t do it!

Part of your decision must be to pick a good school. The school should be financially sound. A good indication of this can be seen by their required payment schedule, whether just PPL or the full commercial course. Never pay more than 25% or $5,000 of the course up front (whichever is the SMALLEST), follow this rule, and you will always be protected. Additional payments should follow the same guidelines.

This amount should be more than sufficient to cover the schools needs. Remember, we have to plan recourses and personnel to carry out your training so some advanced notice and commitment is needed from you. it’s not the same as going into a restaurant and ordering a meal and waiting just 20 minutes…it takes a bit longer to plan!

At Pilots Paradise we will never ask for more than just 10% (not 25%) of the course cost up front to make a booking and never more than $5,000 simply because our full commercial course price is less than $100,000 anyway!! To get started on your journey then the Private Pilot Licence is an affordable way to start. 

After completing your PPL, what is the next step in the journey?

We think this question can only be truly answered after you have it.

Chances are you will be clear about how much you love flying. If the bug bites hard, you will find yourself committed and moving heaven and earth to find a way of going to the airline first officer seat.  We can then help you with that decision and guide you. There are many factors affecting the how and when to do this. There are several ways of getting to the goal also, too many to explain here (frankly a bit confusing as well), but once you have gained the PPL, you will understand better and gain insight. By then it should all make sense and our career advisors will be able to guide you based on your situation and experiences during training.

It’s certainly possible (and it has happened many times in the past), that the bug didn’t bite too hard. Perhaps not enough to make a life changing decision with all the emotional, practical and financial consequences which will follow.

There are many private pilots who enjoy being just that. Some started with the intent of going all the way, but they became content to simply fly occasionally with their friends for recreational purposes. Most will tell you they enjoyed the experience and got a great thrill when flying first solo, getting their license and taking their first passengers. Very rarely will you hear any regrets from private pilots, which, sadly, mainly come from those who committed to the full commercial course up front and found it too difficult, too time consuming, too expensive, no way out and no job waiting at the end.

So our message is clear, embark on the journey one step at a time, we can take you all the way or just part of the way. Avoid any regrets, and don’t commit all or most of your funds up front. At Pilots Paradise we guarantee personal service, a great training environment, professional and dedicated instructors, impressive and affordable pricing, and the security of knowing if you change your mind for whatever reason, you can leave without any financial risk.

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