‘FLY FIRST’ – Simply the best way to start (and complete) your professional pilot training!

In April 2021 we launched our ‘Fly First’ Program with our partners in Europe.

Developed as the first step in a new and exciting professional pilot training course which focuses on delivering the very highest quality of flight and theoretical knowledge training utilising the advantages of both EASA and FAA training standards. 

More details to follow, contact us to start your professional pilot journey.  

The full flying course can be completed in as little as 5 weeks. The ground course will take an additional 2 weeks. The Night Rating, if desired, will take 3 extra nights!

Our package includes :

Ground School: 

Required ground instruction and access to Pad Pilot notes. 

Written examination fees (9 total)

Flying Course:

45 hours of flying (20 hours solo and 25 hours dual)

Pre & post flight briefings

2 hours rental of aircraft for skill test

Aircraft checklist

 Night Rating:

4 hours dual

1 hour solo

Pre & post flight briefings

Based on completing up to 25 hours per week, go adventure around the stunning aviation meca that is Florida 

Our packages includes everything you will need:

Aircraft hire, fuel, oil, tax

Check out with an instructor (up to 2 hours)


Assistance in obtaining your FAA PPL conversion appointment (if required)

Route suggestions and instructor guidance

The course can be completed in approximately 2 week 

Our package includes :

6 hours of flight instruction 

Required ground instruction (min 7 hours)

Aircraft checklist

Pre & post flight briefings

1.0 hours rental of aircraft for the skill test

The course can be completed in approximately 5 weeks, however, our Head of Training recommends 8 weeks as the ideal amount of time for optimum absorption of the materials and adequate time to prepare and practice the briefings to reach a high standard.

Note, Applicants must meet the pre-entry requirements before commencing. For details take a look at EASA FCL or call one of our career advisors for details.

Our package includes :

Pre-Entry Flight Test (Mandatory)

30 hours of flying (25 hours instruction, 5 hours mutual flying with fellow student on the course)

Ground school (125 hours) to include minimum tuition of 40 hours.

Aircraft checklists

Pre & post flight briefings

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